Real Estate for Generation X and Y

Working in the real-estate industry is in no way an easy task. For every calm and collected customer who knows what they are looking for, you get stressed and confused customers who don’t know what they want. But with the real estate market finally making a comeback, there are more than just baby boomers looking to buy houses. So, for those of you still working in real estate, here are a few things that generation Y are looking for when they out looking to buy homes or invest in properties.

Breaking the Mold

Generation X and generation Y (famously known as Millennials) are a lot more different from each other and their predecessors. Long gone are the days when baby boomers would look for big and lavish houses to spend their lives in. Instead, both generation X and Millennials are looking for something different in their homes. Let’s find out what, starting with Generation X.

Generation X

Buyers from Generation X are possibly the most skeptical buyers that you will meet. Some people from Generation X are old enough to remember the recession of 2008, and most of them were directly affected by it. So, the ones coming back to the real estate market can often be very skeptical and may not believe in many claims that you make.

Utilities Near the House

Instead of looking for a beautiful house, it’s lovely interior and a front lawn, they are instead looking for the closest school and other facilities. They place a higher priority on the utilities available near the house rather than the house itself. Since they are already well experienced with the ruthlessness of the world, they would rather prefer the calm of the suburban life. In other words, they are looking for all the facilities of the city, with the calm and peacefulness of the suburb.

Affordable and Simple

A big difference between baby boomers and Generation X is that they are no longer looking for massive fancy houses. They are instead looking for minimalist houses that are affordable and offer just enough space. Minimalism had been a huge thing among Generation X-ers and is also reflected in the furniture that they choose.

Generation Y or Millennials

A millennial can also be hard customer to satisfy. Their needs are more “woke” than their predecessors and may ask more questions. Furthermore, Millennials value experiences over anything else and are often mavericks, willing to live life on their own terms.

Facilities near the House

Much like their preceding generation, they will want a house that is close to most major facilities. But unlike Generation X-ers, they are not looking for the closest Wal-Mart or school. They are looking for the newest and “hippest” bars, restaurants, venues, malls, etc. They want to be where the action is and you can get them there.

Houses Go Green

There is nothing that Millennial like more that being part of a cause and most recent one is that one of climate change. Now, this is not a bad thing as many of them are working to combat climate change, and they are starting with their homes. They want homes that use alternative forms of energy and homes that have place for them to reuse and go for small scale gardening.


In conclusion, finding a good house is hard but finding a good customer can feel impossible. Which is why these trends in mind, can give your new customers exactly what they are looking for.

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