How the Houston Real Estate Market Is Doing In 2019

In the last quarter of 2018, predictions showed that Houston would be back among the housing markets in the United States. According to the report, the Houston real estate market would perform better than in 2017. In 2019, the home prices growth in Houston shows slight dips, with forecasts of smaller gains this year than … Continued

How Do Short Sales Work in Real Estate

The U.S. home prices surged higher; the stock market experienced record-breaking uphill climb. This all happened during a Great recession period, in 2007. Despite the higher interest rates on home loans, potential buyers invested in townhouses, apartments, and residential dwellings, planned to sell the properties for a hefty profit after a few months. In that … Continued

Factors That Determine Your Home Appraisal Value

Whether you are buying a house using a mortgage or selling it to anyone, home appraisal stands as a critical factor in determining your house value. The ultimate goal of a home appraisal process is to place your property on the market at a fair value. As a buyer, owner, or seller, you would want … Continued

Home Staging Tips That Are both Informative and Interesting

When you are putting your house up for sale, preparation and outlook can affect the price. Home staging is the process of decorating your house to make it more appealing to the buyers. If you do this the right way, you will face no problems when selling your home. Many realtors agree that home staging … Continued

How Technology Has Changed the Process of Buying and Selling Real Estate

A real estate business is one of the most lucrative investments in many countries. We have seen the impact of technological advancements in this industry. With AI and automation taking over routine jobs and affecting social norms, technology has made usual and repetitive tasks redundant. These effects can also be seen in real estate industry … Continued

The Process of Getting the Best Deal on a Mortgage

Securing the best deal on a mortgage is not the same as going shopping and comparing different rates. Instead, there are a lot of factors to consider and some are out of your control. The mortgage interest rate can be a big deal for many commercial real estate investors and the lower you go, the … Continued

Recent Home Sale Prices

Having insights about recent home sale prices are a great way to understand the situation of the current market. This can also serve as an assurance that you are not paying more than the existing market value of the house.  For Houston, here are some recent home sale prices that can surely assist you in … Continued

Tips For Preparing A Home for Resale

Homebuyers can be very picky when it comes to buying a home. They are constantly looking for the best and don’t want to spend a bulk of their savings on something average. Before you set out to hire a realtor, think of what you would look for in the house before actually purchasing it. Impress … Continued

Houston Real Estate

Houston Real Estate Thinking to invest in a neighborhood? What about booking profits from your current investments? Well, selling an investment property all by yourself can be quite tough. Paperwork, market analysis, district or area information and price negotiations among other matters can overwhelm you. This is where you should consider getting help from a … Continued

Costs of Homes in Your Area Based on Size, Location, and Style

The value of property whether investment or rental depends on several factors. For any buyer or seller, the cost of a home matters significantly. Of course, real estate involves big money and nobody is willing to face unforeseen events. Before investing in real estate, you should consider some factors to make the most of your … Continued